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Interior walls are the biggest environmental culprits in office renovations. The Sativa Wall System offers a new way to radically alter the layout of public spaces without producing any waste. 


The Sativa Wall System consists of a set of semi-permanent walls that can transform offices, workspaces and meeting rooms at will, and allows for an affordable and sustainable alternative to costly renovations. The acoustic properties are well suited to office environments. 


Using brickworks as an inspiration, and a way to connect innovations to architectural history, this project explores the possibilities inherent in the modularity of bricks. 


The Sativa Wall System is made of CO2-negative hemp and recycled PET felt, and is designed with the aim to maximize environmental quality, both with respect to the office and the earth. 


Sativa is designed as a circular business model where the wall system can be leased and redesigned at the location, adapting to any current needs. 


The “bricks” are all connected with thin aluminum poles, allowing the wall to move like a chain. The adaptable construction allows for solid as well as a transparent wall. It can be placed in straight lines, 90° corners and round freeform shapes. The “bricks'' can be angled to create tactile ornamental patterns. If needed it can be folded to take up minimal space. 


The felt dividers are designed with the same chain-like structure as the wall. The acoustic panels are made out of recycled PET bottles. These dividers can be hung like drapes, or placed at desks.

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